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Large Precision Machined Mold

This was a 6' x 6' machined aluminum mold for an aerospace component. Because of the large capacity of our Kia 1000 Horizontal Milling Center we were able to obtain tight tolerances and critical finishes on this piece despite the obstacles that came with its enormous size.

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JVP CNC Machining


JV Precision Machine Co. (JVP) uses Solid Model Designs to streamline our design and manufacturing process. This in turn allows us obtain greater efficiencies for future design projects. This system of control provides JVP the ability to offer our customers significant savings in time and money.


Programming speed


The key benefit of effective solid-based machining is speed of NC programming. The ability to directly load the solid model and extract feature information from it, with an associative link back to the original model to monitor for design changes, streamlines the production process. Modified parts can be reloaded with toolpaths automatically updated in line with changes, significantly reducing time-to-manufacture.






CAD/CAM integration provides the link required to improve cooperation and collaboration between these two areas of the manufacturing cycle. The direct loading of solid models into CAM and the associative link back to the original design is the main element that facilitates this collaboration.





Customer Design Intent


A solid CAD modeling file allows us, the ability to import the data contained within the model into our CAM system. Which in-turn allows JVP to produce parts to the exact intent that our Customers require.